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Monday, June 9, 2008

What a week......

Sunday morning I dropped my wife and son off at the airport for their two week trip to Japan and immediately headed home, grabbed my bike and headed down to Clarendon for the CSC Classic. Full day of volunteering and watching races combined with just over 40 miles of riding.

Monday I scheduled a bike fitting just to get some things checked out. Since it was scheduled for 11:00 I decided to blow off work in the morning and do some more riding. Got in about 35 miles before the fitting, about 10 miles to work after the fitting, and then another 15ish after work heading back home. About 60 miles for the day.

Tuesday I rode to work in the morning, grabbing about 10 miles, then after work headed to the Reston Bike Club ride. I was going to do a somewhat easy ride but shortly into the ride I dropped my pump and had to double back to pick it up. By the time I got it a gap opened up and I had to hammer to catch back on which basically fried me for the day. I kept with the group for about another 30-40 minutes after that until the sky turned incredibly black and simply opened up. I was absolutely drenched in about 30 seconds and had to be about as far from my house that the route went. I decided to take off from the group and head home. Total for the day ended up around 43 miles.

On Wednesday I was planning to do the Greenbelt race so I again rode into work (10 miles) and then rode a little bit at lunch to head home and pick up the car (another 10). Around 2:30 the skies once again opened up and a few tornadoes made visits throughout the are. The Greenbelt race was cancelled. By 4:30 the weather got very nice so I decided to ride out the the "Ride Sally Ride" course to do a little recon for the Saturday race. I left work and head out to the site, did several laps and then headed home to call it a day. Total for the day was just under 45 miles.

Thursday morning I rode into the office (10 miles) and had to leave early for my chiropractor appointment. Finished up with that and then had some co-workers over for a little grilling and drinking. So i only got 10 in for the day, but really needed a little break.

Friday I did some easy riding around the neighborhood to get used to the new "Le Wedge" that I put into my left cleat since the bike fitting revealed that my left femur was slightly longer then the right and as a result my left knee popped out a little on the up-stroke. I did about 15 easy miles getting used to that and getting ready for the race on Saturday.

Saturday morning I got up and headed out to Chantilly for the "Ride Sally Ride" race. I go tin about 15 miles of riding to the course (went out the trail and doubled back) and then did about another 30 minutes of warm-ups and felt pretty good about the race. Early in the race I decided to try to start a break down the left side, but at the same time a group of about 10 went off the right side. I jammed to get in with them and was able to hang for about 2 laps before dropping back into the pack. After a few laps in the pack I popped and got spit out the back but con tuned around the course for another 5-6 laps until one of my teammates, who was on a solo break came up from behind and yelled at me to jam it to give him so rest. Unfortunately I only had enough gas to take him about half way around a lap and then I was completely empty and pulled out with about 10 laps to go. He ended up winning the race so I am taking some credit (ha ha). After the race I rode to my teams t-ball game (I am the coach) which was about 5 miles from the race site. After the game I headed from there back to home for about another 12 miles. About 42 miles for the day.

Sunday bright and early I got up to bike marshall the Tour de Cure. For some reason I was assigned a route from Ashburn to Purceville and back, which I calculated around 40 miles. I had to ride from Herndon to Ashburn (10 miles) to start. I headed out on the route and made my scheduled stops in Leesburg and Purceville. Leaving Purceville I had some trouble with the cue sheet and ended up mixing in with the 100 mile ride which took me WAY away from where I was scheduled to be and WAY away from what was supposed to be a nice leisurely recovery ride. I ended up doing more climbing over the next 3 hours than I have done in quite some time. It was really nice country and excellent rides but the heat and the one empty water bottle were not allowing me to enjoy much of it. Fortunately we passed a little store at Snickerville and Airmont that allowed me to stock up on fluids and a power bar to finish the rest of the ride. We got the the rest stop in Round Hill and then I headed back 7 towards Purceville and picked up the trail to head back home. At the Leesburg rest stop I picked up a teammate who was also marshalling and we headed back home through Herndon and down Centreville Road. By the time I pulled into my garage I had clocked slightly over 100 miles (100.8) and was in the saddle (or at least near the bike) for 7 hours (I didn't stop it when I helped someone fix a flat or when we stopped for drinks).

So for the Sunday to Sunday period this past week I put in just over 350 miles. I am going to try really hard to not even look at the bike today.

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